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2015. MagFest.

Posted by digsBot - January 3rd, 2015

Sup Newgrounds! 

Man, it's been a while haha my last post was right near the end of last summer. I noticed I haven't uploaded any personal solo toons at all last year. 2014 was the year I pretty much made animations and art mostly for clients/work.

If anyone is interested here are all the toons I've made last year that I either animated or helped out on. I have to say I really did enjoy doing this. It  helped me learn how to actually time manage and work smarter and not harder. Even after my Fall 2014 semester I was able to crank all of these out and mangaged to make the Dean's List at my college. They say ladies like the brains I hear, so I was aiming for that. 


2014 Toons 

Frederator Robot Animated!

The Kelpie

The Last of Us

Doctor Whooptydoo

HipHop RPG Episode 2

Taste So Good Music Video (Release date TBA) 

Symbiosis Health

Elephant Toon (Release date TBA)

LORE: Sunset Overdrive

LORE: Assassin's Creed Unity

LORE: Phantasy Star Online

LORE: Crash Bandicoot Dev

2014 College Work

For an undisclosed project I was a Creative Director and led a team of graphic designers to create a product. It was interesting, but I also learned the hard truth to not be a pushover, the importance of structure, deadlines, and how business to business contracts must be acknowledged and followed.

I also help designed and managed a small website for a Physical Therapy Office.


So yeah thaaat's pretty much everything I did in 2014. 2014 was rad, I learned a lot from the numerous projects. I went to California and chilled with @Jaxxy, @Tomar, and @Toonhole. I was able to attend Pico Day and met countless people who were all dope! 

With 2015 rolling in...

I graduate in May...which is quite prodigious. 

I'm working on two big projects which I can't really talk about until after it's all done, but if it goes well it'll be a very uncanny experience I can't wait to share.

A bit of freelance work here and there.

Super, super stoked to be heading to MagFest, gonna be meeting some old faces and finally some new ones after talking with them for so many years online. It'll be rad!! Anyone else going?

And I'm currently working on my own winter toon that I'll be uploading here on Newgrounds hopefully before I head to MagFest. 

So, as usual NG what's up with all of you guys and gals? 

Here's a shot from the winter toon! It's pretty short, it's titled Frost & Mistle.



Comments (2)

Awesome!! I am excited that you releasing a solo animated movie.

Sounds like you're up and coming! Here's to another prosperous year buddy!