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End of Summer

Posted by digsBot - August 20th, 2014

What up Newgrounds! 

Well haha I feel like a jerk cause I promised some toons this summer, but as usual life/school intervened once again. The music video I have aforementioned so much in previous post(s) is practically done, only have 2 scenes left to animate and I wanna say will be shown in Sept (or whenever the music group decides to post it). I have also written out two short cartoon ideas that I'm planning to release in the fall *fingers crossed*.

To explain my inactivity due to not uploading stuff is that I had an internship which ate up quite a bit of my summer. It was a requirement for my major in order for graduate. As taxing as it was...the reward was quite great. I was offered a full-time position as a creative director. I can't really talk more about it yet, but it is in the digital healthcare field. It's super exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. No worries though! Definitely doesn't mean I won't have time for Newgrounds. I'll definitely be on more...maybe borrowing/hiring some talent here for projects/campaigns/etc in the future! Who knows hehe. This whole venturing into the adult world has really made me assess life and actually forces me to plan to get things done. Like cartoons I keep promising haha.

Senior year of college starts next monday...it's absurdly bittersweet. Gonna end this final year with a bang! 

How's it goin' for you folks?


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You jerk >:(


Hey man, I feel your pain. I too had an internship this summer and as you know, it takes up a lot of one's time. It's great that you're going places, though! Also, take your time with your animations. Remember: Quality over Quantity when it comes to your work. Looking forward to see your new stuff!

Yeah man it eats up way too much time or I get too tired to continue making things. I found the solution which was coffee, but that lasted for only a few moments haha. Oh definitely my man! I concur heavily! Thanks man : D

Full time employment straight away, or can you finish school first? Might be possible to do both, write off the next year of school and work as an investment, since with a degree, you'll be able to command a bit more pay. Either way, stay frosty!

Oh I'm finishing my last year and then I can start a-workin'. Actually I am currently working on a project while in school for them. Luckily it's something not too draining to complete. Haha alwaaays!

Digital healthcare! Now THAT sounds like a good industry to be in right now.

Looks like the NG office is open for the foreseeable future so maybe another Pico Day is on the horizon, or a weekend jam!

Haha it's a pretty cool field imo. I feel that there is a lot of beneficial things that can come out of it!

Ahhh yee! I love the sound of that!!

Welcome home to Cincy!

Good ol Cincy, I can't resist you!

I'm about to start my double major college film as well as animation

Oh wow! Good luck with that!!

We still gotta animate together, bro!

Hecks yeah my dude! This needs to happen.

Holy shit!! Congrats on the job offer, man! The future is looking bright for you ;D

: D Thanks my duuuude!

Congrats on the job offer Digs!! :D
I'm so excited for you!

Can't wait for the new toon(s)!

Thanks Saaaabs :>>

I'm super excited to show yaaas!