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Pico Day + Summer

Posted by digsBot - May 4th, 2014

Yo Yo Newgrounds! 

I know there have been a lot of posts about Pico Day over at the office and there is a reason for so much talk about it. It was beyond dope. It was truly a great time and experience meeting old and new faces and just being in such a creative environment. It was truly a great privilege to be a a part of it. 

If anyone is able to, you guys and gals should definitely participate in NATA. I promise it's worth a go! Possibly one of the most worthwhile online animation competitions. With some awesome judges too might I add!

I'm very excited for this summer, cause once this week of finals is over I'll finally have time to crank out a bunch of toons. The first is this music video i've been working forever on. Although it's been so long, I'm quite excited to share it. It is super close to completion. I'm also working on a student animated film for a local film festival which I sorta have to complete by early June. After those, I have a Batman toon, a few original shorts, and short cartoon loosely based on a college party my friend and I experienced. 

Love all you dope dudes and dudettes.

Got any plans for the incoming summer?


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Sweet! Can't wait for more cartoons!

Yeee! I'm stoked to get cranking on them. School really ate away at most of my creative time this year. I really want to amp up the cartoons and creative stuff this summer to make up for it.


Awww yiiiiiissssssssssssss

Im telling you, anytime soon you will be approached by major animation companies.
You are one of the few animators who put the work in.
Im going to try to make an app game this summer

Haha, that'd be dope if that happens. Here's to big ambitions and dream goals!

Ah sweet! I'm going to do the same, but probably during when school starts up again. A project I can work on and off. It'll be a health-based game haha boring but helpful for future job things. What's your app gonna be about?

This old face was happy to see you! I missed out on a lot of things (including speaking with you more than 2 minutes), to the point where I'm making a bucket list for the next party!

Yeah, it's some judging panel this year! College party cartoon? I'm hoping three's a tad of debauchery :) I'm going to be busy getting the farm clean, and growing stuff that is edible... anyone know where I can get an anti-deer drone?

So great meeting ya! Yeah haha next party we will definitely have longer convos.

Yeah quite the panel! Hahaha yup! Well haha it's a hilarious story I'm quite excited to share. Ooh nice, one of my housemate in our college house has a farm and doing the same thing too. I commend you guys heavily. Haha I'll have to be on the look out for it.

I was planning to do a couple of flash projects this summer, so NATA will have to wait for some other year. I will definitely join sometime! I've seen you on stream by the way. The party seemed like a lot of fun.

Ah I feel ya, yeah man when you can definitely try it out. Stoked to see them projects, are they gonna be here on NG? Ah cool haha I thought no one would really know who I was. Yeah man, super fun and memorable!

Long and hopefully fruitful internship in Cincy for me. Can't wait to see your stuff!

Awww yeeee!! That's what I'm talking about!
Haha thanks breeh!

Gonna be working my butt off selling pest control, but if it doesn't pan out well, I'll just switch over to spraying people's houses instead. :)

Hehe, people can be real PESTS at times. *badum-tish*

Why don't you break bad

I still gotta watch that show. i'm far behind on the times.

Thinking of making a simple and cool game, and try to get in the app store.
Hoping it will take off like flappy bird.
Have to learn coding though :I

Nice. Never overlook simplicity. Good luck man!!

Yeah the coding is always the hardest part at least for me.

AH man that NATA sounds sick, but less than 20 days now. Not enough time..

Duuuude how you been man?! Haha yeah well I have to finish a cartoon for a festival in like a little over a month haha so yup. Time is almost never on my side, especially as an animator

I love you digs you dapper motherfucker

;) Way too rad finally meeting you man!

I need @Saminat to come over and spray napalm on some pillaging deer. Or a shit-ton of ppl to build a Minecraft wall around me :p Tom just got a couple of Asterix books for his kids from me/Amazon, hope he doesn't mind reading it...

Hahah you hear that @Saminat! Your services are needed!
OOOH! I hope Tom does! That's what my pops did for all my siblings and me. Definitely opened up my creativeness as a kid.

@VicariousE I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like, the happiness of Liam!

So sad that I didn't get to meet you Digs!! D:
Thanks for leaving me that note though. haha I totally posted a picture of it on my journal just now. B:

; ___ ; One day Sabs! Onee daaayee!
Haha aww yee :D I told Stamper I'd leave it there so I would be there in spirit as you were in Philly

Plans? Haven't touched my tablet in years, haven't voiced shit and had no practice at all.
Also, your opinion needed