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Work, work, work.

Posted by digsBot - December 4th, 2013

(*bleh, this was a FP post but it didn't shows :<  Aw, well)

'Ello there Newgrounds. 

I love the updates!! The video embedding is really nice and the rich text editor! Kudos to Tom and the staff! I just wanted to give a low down on things I guess. 

Lots o things have happened ever since school started in August.  I've really been buried in a lot of animation/marketing projects while balancing the school life. Pretty pumped for myself cause I've been maintaining and boosting my grades pretty well....at the cost of very minimal sleep. I've made it a goal of mine to graduate college with magna cum laude honors. 


-Music Video

  • Haha-Yo's "Taste So Good" Music Video- I mentioned this before, but I am working on a music video for a group called Haha-Yo. They are starting to get really popular and they reached out to me to create an animated music video for them. I am really excited and nervous about the project because they have given me almost full responsibility and creative control. I have been, I guess, "training" myself doing very short loops, fake animated bumps, illustrating in Photoshop, constantly listening to music, mile runs, and watching a ton of Steven Universe to get my creative muscles stronger. I will say doing short 15-30 minute animation practice loops, listening to music, drawing a days, and studying whatever are your "favorite" cartoons really do help to get you leveled up. All you need is the drive to constantly get better! 

-Marketing/Creative Director

  • Untitled App- I've been asked by help create some animated commercials and informative videos for an app that will be used at my university and small businesses around the university really soon. I can't give the name of it and what it does, but I'm very excitied cause I've been invitied on the team to be the creative designer and digital marketer...so yee..
  • Squared Apparel - I know I mentioned this before, but I am also helping out creating a short animated music ad for a clothing/design company and doing a bit of digital marketing for them.
  • Newgrounds Audio Project - So, I'm working on a thing with the goal of shedding more light on the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I've done a bit of talking with Tom. If anyone knows me, I'm all about music and there are so many great musicians on this site which definitely deserve some recognition. I don't want to give a lot a way, but reaaaaally soon you guys will see it and hopefully it can be something that can be continued by other members on NG.


  • Boundless - So I made a Halloween cartoon which I made in exactly three weeks. I teamed up with my audio guru and good friend SteamPianist. He constantly makes amazing music and an artist that is uncanny. He's like a brother to me, definitely check out his stuff! This cartoon was more or less of a test for me before really tackling the music video for Haha-Yo. It's the first cartoon I made with my Cintiq and I was playing a lot with colors, backgrounds, and seeing how fast I could make a short cartoon while having a typical school schedule. Boundless received a lot of kind words and it really means a lot to a dumb kid like me haha. Thanks a lot for that! 
  • Pegassus - I got to help out with El-Cid's cartoon called Pegassus. It was my first time working on a cartoon doing inbetween work and coloring. It was awesome working along side El-Cid, Ethan Always. and two other dudes which I'm not really sure at the moment if they are on NG. Definitely check out that cartoon!! 
  • Sonic Paradox Animation Project- Not sure if I can really talk about this yet...but I'm creating an animation that should be released on here within a month or so. 
  • Through Time and Shape - I am hoping to finish a short animation film that I plan to submit to a local film festival next summer. It's got a bunch of coolio NG friends of mine, (Gust, RicePirate, Apatheria, Ockeroid, Sabtastic) on it offering their awesome skills. I'll defintiely let ya know if it hopefully gets accepted to the festival.

Frederator Network

  • I've partnered up with Channel Frederator Network over on YouTube, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving Newgrounds. Without Newgrounds, I definitely wouldn't be able to have the opportunities and privileges I have now. I am very excited about the Network, but I will still be uploading cartoons here for suures. 



  • I have to find an internship for my major( which isn't animation or graphic design, but more of health finance-ish,IT, & marketing) and it hasn't been too great. It's a bit difficult and getting rejected isn't always the best of feelings, but I'm still determined to secure find one. 


Yeeaup...sorry it's a lengthy read, but yeah that's basically what I'm up too. I was planning before all of this to release sequels to A Thief's Tale and Slush Delivery but I gotta tackle all of these other stuffs. 


Anyways, how are you guys doiiin'? 


Comments (9)

Hey, I hope you have better luck with finding an internship, but regarding other news, I am SO PROUD of you, you wouldn't believe it! :D

Keep blossoming, guy!

D'aawww shuucks :)

you got something good going on. You're trying to find a job, whilst you keep animation as your side-hustle.

Thanks man haha.
Work hard, play hard, work harder.

Woah dude, thats awesome. Respecting the otherworldy hustle. That Haha-yo song is funny. Try closing your eyes and listening to the track, and play it out like a movie a couple times. Just let your imagination show you something.

Yeah, I really enjoyed boundless.

Frederator?! Awesome! I really wish I had your hustle dam, haha. I'm actually thinking to start making some youtube vids. Speed Painting tutorials, with a bit of a cinematic twist. (maybe I can put it on NG too)

Anyway, keep it up. Your inspiring me to work harder. I gata get my self together.

Thanks dude! Yeah haha I've done that quite a bit and would draw whatever would come to my mind or take notes of it on my phone.

Stoked you enjoyed it man!

Haha, dude definitely make some vids! Your artwork is amazing! I'm fully confident you can do some amazing things

Way to go man, you have a lot of good things going for ya. Keep on truckin', you absolutely rock!

I feel like a big poopoo head and didn't reply to this earlier...THANKS E!! :D

Nice work on The Last of Shivs, turned out to be a great collab, a top shelf production :)

Thanks man!! It was way too much fun, I'm glad you liked it haha. DuDul and I have always wanted to work on something together for the longest time.

When you rollin' into town? I should want to do the Barcade thing... but my last job was at an arcade. Who wants to pay 5-6 bucks for a beer anyway?

I arrive around 8ish on Friday. Yeah I really want to go to the Barcade...however will the train station still be open from the hotel Tom suggested...?

You got a room at the Hilton!? Good for you, place seems perpetually booked. Sorry, I have no idea, but I think the Glenside train station's last stop Saturday night was around 11pm. Last time I went (armed with conflicting data from Google and SEPTA), I had to ask around to find the right trains :\ The odds are it'll still be open, best bet would be to call the hotel and ask... sooner the better, I imagine the weekends are kinda crazy there.

Which reminds me, I should book a room at the Best Western, it's not far from the Hilton. I'd rather pay Stamper a few bucks to crash in a corner, than a 100 smackers for less than a day's stay

Ooh good point I'll definitely call them and ask! Yeah cause that was the first thing that came to mind in case it gets super late and I wasn't sure if the trains were closed at a certain time.

I asked Wade and Luis about making a thread, but since it's not a meet, but a private party... we'll all figure it out when we get there!

Gotcha! Ho boy only 4 more days!

Hope the flight goes alright! When are you flying back? Sabrina and a few others will arrive after the party, so I might stay an extra two days to see them, depends on Stamper and Luis, to some extent... also depends on how rough the ride is from Jersey in a thirsty truck with no suspension O_o Also have to look for a new home... a small farm with low taxes.