NG TV Bump Cartoon

2013-04-27 14:54:07 by digsBot

Happy Pico Day Newgrounds!

Sucks to not be able to be at the NG Office, but I made a Newgrounds TV Bump for the Newgrounds Commercial Contest.
Huge thanks to Headphoamz and RicePirate for lending their voice acting skills at the last moment. You two are the bestest.

Hope you like it!

NG TV Bump Cartoon


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2013-04-27 16:57:10

Happy Pico Day! :) Looks good.

digsBot responds:

Happy Pico Day brotha!!! Thanks dude!!!


2013-04-27 18:59:03

It was awesome!
was this for an assignment?

digsBot responds:

Thank ya man! Btw, I loved your toon haha!

Yeah I decided it would really up for my project! I showed my teacher before uploading it here and he really liked it. Hopefully it secures an A for me! : D


2013-04-27 21:04:45

I was really impressed with this on digs, great job as always pally!

digsBot responds:

Thanks bro : D


2013-04-27 22:35:48

Come on more

digsBot responds:

Yoooou got it. Prepare for impact.


2013-04-27 23:07:01

For sure dude!

digsBot responds:



2013-04-28 15:08:53

Awesome job!

digsBot responds:

Thank ya bud!! B)


2013-04-30 12:59:38

Loved the premise and look of the whole thing!! Only sticking point might be where you show the NG characters enjoying the various areas of NG: music, games, video, art, (bbs?).... that could have been a little more solidified by more obvious text and a lengthening of that small segment of the video.
Otherwise, I found this to be the most vibrant and appropriate entry so far!!

(Updated ) digsBot responds:

Ahh yeas! I wanted to somehow incorporate the bbs and literature but was a bit stuck on how to do that, plus I was annoyingly strained on by time :/

Thanks Vic! : D


2013-06-15 17:03:11

first brother ive seen on newgrounds who animates aswell. cool cool.


2013-07-16 23:33:53

That is the greatest cartoon I ever seen