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2013-02-17 17:50:47 by digsBot

Yo Newgrounds,

This isn't necessarily a post about upcoming projects since I'm drowning in useless busy work here in college, but I'm still trying to incorporate work and play.

So in my Marketing Class, there is a project that lasts for the whole semester where we choose a product/project/site/service/whatever and report about its info, trends, etc, that are relatable to what we learn in class. Sooo I chose Newgrounds as a site that I'm basically doing market research on. Now granted, this is just an intro course, I know nothing about marketing, I thought it would not be interesting at all, and once again I don't know squat about marketing, but as a month rolled on by this semester I gotta say I found it pretty, PREETTY interesting.

In my project I am a "representative" of Newgrounds and going against two other "representatives" in my class, Youtube and Vimeo. It's kinda like a battle royale against why the site we represent is more beneficial for the consumer. The consumer in this case is the teacher who is representing different types of consumers such as a small gaming studio/artists/programmers/etc.

This is one of the few school assignments that I have been having quite a bit of fun doing because its neat seeing the correlation of all the marketing readings/definitions/assignments to Newgrounds and using these correlations to strengthen my case against "YouTube" and "Vimeo". I have to admit, making a case against Youtube is gonna be haaard but I got this.

I gotta say haha thanks to Mike, using Swivel in my paper and presentation is really going to help me give a leg up against my representative competitors.

I'm hoping that after this semester I'll be able to show what I've written and my presentation for my case for Newgrounds and why it really is "everything by everyone".

Sides you doin'?


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2013-02-17 20:23:32

i think your projects is awesome

digsBot responds:

naaah, You're awesome maaaan


2013-02-17 20:24:31

Congrats & have fun with it, guy!
I'm just mentally preparing myself to put my NOW WORKING OS to excellent use in the upcoming months, if you catch my drift...

digsBot responds:

uhyeahuh!!!! oh I caught it! : >


2013-02-18 02:55:16

interesting project. it sounds like alot of the conversations i have with people when i goto ng events.

i think that ng is better suited banking on the talents of tmrw today as opposed to the everything by everyone monicre. that seems more youtubes thing, where you can upload your dog licking itself, or the next harlem shake and have them both be valid properties in the sites universe.. i know ng isnt that much better, BUT the fact that the audience has a period of time and chance to choose the fate of a submission's entry is pretty cool..

digsBot responds:

Maan, I gotta go to a NG meetup one of these days.

Very valid point! I agree completely with the talent aspect. Along with the audience having judgment of an entry, the audio, art, lit, collabinator, etc gives something else that makes NG quite unique compared to YT and Vimeo. NG has a nice dish of goodies you can pick out of.


2013-02-18 02:56:58

i woulda blammed that gundam style garbage ages ago in our universe. BUT i have the lowest voting power and people had enough sense to leave it on youtubes dumping ground so whatever!


2013-02-18 12:13:38

Good luck with your project. I think you won't have a hard time proving that Newgrounds is more beneficial than the other two.

digsBot responds:

Thanks man! Hahaha yeah I'm hoping it will be an easy A.


2013-02-18 15:00:03

When you re just from youtube you re not really part of a community if you dont have a bunch of subs, but on newgrounds even if you dont make stuff you can meet people and make friends and interact. Youtube doesnt have that, i havent met a single person on youtube, cause its impossible man, there are too many people in there, newgrounds s like a neighborhood ... neither vimeo or youtube have that. Youtube gets you some money if you get a good amount of views, newgrounds gives you friends and partners, that s worth more.

Anyways ... im a fanboy

digsBot responds:

Here Here!!!


2013-02-18 20:42:47

I fucking love your artstyle man.

digsBot responds:

: D thank ya man!!!

I really enjoy watching your toons too! They're hilarious!