Sluuush Delivery Toon

2012-12-28 18:28:16 by digsBot

Hey there Newgrounds!

Made a super late Xmas toon. With awesome voicework by RicePirate and Gust198! Music by good ol SteamPianist.

It was a little rushed cause of finals :/... Apologies for the sound in it..the flash file sorta imploded on itself and continued to crash repeatedly. 'Twas super lame. That's what I get for Flash CS6. I'm always going stick with ol' reliable Flash 8/CS3 from now on.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Sluuush Delivery Toon


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2012-12-29 00:22:04

i loved it

digsBot responds:

: D Thanks man!


2012-12-29 10:09:10

dang man, that was great! your style is so cool -

digsBot responds:

RED!! Thank ya man! That means a lot coming from you!


2012-12-29 17:34:09

Awesome work digsBot, love the colours

digsBot responds:

Hey man!! Haha, Thank ya dude!


2012-12-30 02:10:25

Great job buddy!

digsBot responds:

: D thanks broha!


2012-12-30 11:10:37

I love your art style and color pallette selection!

digsBot responds:

Thank ya man! I've been trying all kinds of different stuff in this cartoon!


2012-12-31 06:16:23

So amazing! Added to favorites

digsBot responds:

JOOOOMILLLEX!!! thanks man : D


2013-01-02 15:23:34

My. timing. is. horriblllle. |'D I completely missed this. I'm totally leaving a review, soon. Always good to see stuff from this corner!

digsBot responds:

Thank ya KaDoYuuuuuu! Also, I absolutely loved Dream Port!


2013-01-06 15:43:20

Fine work man. Nice to see something that doesn't involve gimmicks, T&A and cussing.

digsBot responds:

oh boy! Thanks man : D


2013-01-23 18:22:44

Why is it human nature to accuse one of stealing, copying, or imitating a style they love.
If they like and enjoy the style in itself then they should not have a problem with another that is close to it.
Sometimes we get so caught up in being defensive that it turns into rudeness that we may or ma not regret later.
I don't know I just had to share this with you since you seem to be one of the most reasonable and logical animators around.

digsBot responds:

Hmmm, I see where you're coming from. Well, I feel we all looked at a style of something when we first drew, composed, or created something. I truly believe you can't just create a style by scratch by yourself. The world is full of influences and a style created by someone really is in a sense "stealing/copying/imitating" a style or styles they have encountered in their lives just with their own unique twist.

Now online and stuff there are people who will always accuse of stealing styles it really depends on how they are accusing them. Big example is Egoraptor, I love him. A lot of people start saying everyone's work is like his...but most times they are wrong imo (of course this depends). A huge example is my buddy, NinJaco/TheTwistedGrim's cartoons where people kept saying his video game parody animation(s) is a cheap knock off of Egoraptor. I feel people aren't thinking clearly. There is a huge artistic difference between Jaco and Egoraptor. From their use of colors, delivery, etc. I feel people are just stupidly saying that Jaco is a ripoff because they are both under the same genre of video game parodies. Which is stupid. Now there are cartoons that literally look like the splitting image of another style...i mean it'll happen. If anything that's how the artist expresses them self, through that style they "stole". You can accuse them of the same style, but only if it truly does take away from the actual plot, delivery, feel, of a cartoon, music track, art piece, or writing entry? If it doesn't then you could inform them, but it really shouldn't be in a sense that a person has to be an ass about it.

hehe..I hope I sorta answered ya buddy.