Dust on Toonami

2012-10-07 13:39:43 by digsBot

I thought this was pretty neat. This was on Toonami last night while I was working on shiz for my job.
It's awesome how so many NG VoiceActors were in this game and Toonami reviewed it and gave it a nice little bump.
Thought it'd be nice to share in case people haven't seen it :)


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2012-10-07 14:20:30

Yeah, I saw that earlier this morning and it looks pretty nifty.

digsBot responds:

super nifty!


2012-10-07 14:34:36

That game is one of the few reasons I wish I had a 360 again.

Still my PS3 keeps me happy :)

digsBot responds:

Awww man. I need to download and play Dust asap, once more time opens up for me.
Hopefully they'll release it for PS3 so you can be even more happy B)


2012-10-07 15:02:55

a victory for newgrounds indeed.

digsBot responds:

long live NG.


2012-10-07 15:34:45

Yeah, I was that like "Hey wait... Alot of NG was involved in this huh... It made TV!" So yeah, NewGrounds has officially broken the fourth wall! Prepare for invasion.

digsBot responds:

haha ain't it sick? It's so amazing whenever I see friends or artist online that I've followed that were "super-under-the-radar" and then a boom, starts showing up on TV.


2012-10-07 15:45:11

I love how down to earth Toonami is. Whoever is behind that programming block is doing a good job.

digsBot responds:

I agree completely with ya brah


2012-10-07 18:37:52

I just had a nostalgiagasm and it's not even old! Suddenly I miss having TV!

digsBot responds:

that nostalgia will getcha!


2012-10-07 18:53:37

I wanna play it too. But I aint got an Xbox :(

Also good review/good for you or something, I dunno. Was I suppose to say something else? Probably not.

digsBot responds:

Yeee, I need to get myself up to create time and play this awesome game.


2012-10-07 21:57:30

B) This was a nice thing to come back home to.

digsBot responds:

: D Makes ya feel even more at home.


2012-10-08 00:46:03

I would play it but it's not out on the PSN. Let's just hope it doesn't follow Castle Crashers and come out 2 years later.

(Updated ) digsBot responds:

Ahh, yeah there seems to be a trend of XBLA first then PSN later...maybe cause it's easier for developers?
Idk, I know nothing of game developing and programming.


2012-11-24 18:40:50

Makes more cartoons!

digsBot responds:

Yeee, I need to make something and fast.
I took a quick peek at your collab you're starting up :)


2012-11-28 23:18:49

your black

digsBot responds:

Thank you for noticing my good man!
Allow me to correct your statement. You see, "your" and "you're" tend to be commonly misused in the English language.
"Your" is a second person possessive adjective, indicating that something belongs to me. In this case however, being black does not belong to because I did not buy it or own it, rather it is a part of me.
So since being black is part of my genetic makeup, it would most likely be a noun that is not possessive. Just a noun. I know this is quite confusing, the rules of English tend to be strange and there really are no set rules. Nevertheless, in this case you would use "You're". "You're" is a contraction of "You and Are".

It should be: "you're black."
(Pssst, heeeey notice this: See it really is "you are black". This is the right way to say it.)

I know this is quite a brain twister. It certainly was for me when I first learned about it in elementary school, but I'd highly advise doing a google search about using "your" and "you're". Heck! YouTube it! I bet there is an awesome video that will teach it better than I did. I'm in college and I'm still learning the mystic ways of writing too. Anyways, I know it'll help you out in the future bro!


2012-11-30 16:45:33

So what newgrounds members are involved in it?

digsBot responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/131600 6

Check it! it's pretty neat.