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A humanoid who animates and is powered by music through a pair of red cosmic headphones.

n/a, Male

Chicago, IL

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Every single thing you wrote has been a loaded potato skin of awesome!!!! I can't wait to see all of this completed. You'd better keep me posted Digs, or I'll be ticked off hahahahah!

Haha for sure dude! I'll definitely keep ya posted.

Lookin' forward to workin' with ya man! :D
Sorry about school being super lame tho. :c

Woooo! haha I'm super stoked to be able to work on it again with you and the others!
Ugh, I know...: <

I got a sneak preview of your documentary animation and it's great! Really excited for that whole thing to come together. All your projects sound really exciting, keep chugging like a choo choo!

Haha niiiice! Glad you liked it Tom, all aboard the work train!

Looking forward to that animated music!

Aw yiss!!! : D

chick is fine

Quite indeedy!

You got work

newgrounds understands

thaaanks breh

Are you a real black person?

That's for me to know and you to find out ;)

Don't know how I missed this updated, but I'm looking forward to the projects in store. Here's hoping it all works out accordingly.

KADOOYUUU!! haha yeahuuh. I apologize for not replying sooner..sometimes I don't get all the blog notifications :(

You still working on the music video? How's your schedule been with school n all?

Yeeessir! It has been a bit tough, especially because I was in a class I chose which I thought I could handle and wasn't even geared toward my major haha. I dropped it though and now have more time. The cool part is that HaHa-Yo are giving me a lot more time. Which I'm glad because I really wanna "wow" people when they watch it or at least show any sort of "improvement" I've made from my previous animations. I think they know that I'm in college too hehe.

I'm also working on a short Halloween cartoon to test out a Cintiq that I purchased from all the summer work I got some cash from. it's a bit short, but doing my best to make it look good. I'm aiming to upload it here on the 29th.

Well, I hope it gets a lot of play on mainstream music TV channels :) We're all entitled to our 15 minutes of fame after all! The apparel promotional sounds daunting, how's the client treating you?

Haha oh man, if that ever happens I'll poop my pants in joy! They are pretty cool too. Actually, I know the people in the apparel so they too understand how busy I am thanks to good ol' college hehe.