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digsBot's News

Posted by digsBot - April 15th, 2013

Suups Newgrounds,

Felt like throwing a little update on things.

I'm in my last month of school which is dope and crappy at the same time. Awesome cause summer is approaching and will allow way more time to animate things and collaborate with others..but lame because since it is the last month of school which means I have finals and I can't go to the NG office for Pico Day :(. So I decided to make something since I can't go. I'm excited to show ya guys! I borrowed some awesome VA talent for it (RicePirate + Headphoamz). However it is quite, quite short once again cause I have finals to study for, but I hope it's still likable for ya guys.

Also, If you guys are interested I created a T-shirt for a Wolverine & X-Men T-Shirt Design Contest. You can vote for it here if you'd like. :)

Yeah, well that's really it for now. Added a little screencap of the animation...
So. How you doin'?

Little bitty update

Posted by digsBot - February 17th, 2013

Yo Newgrounds,

This isn't necessarily a post about upcoming projects since I'm drowning in useless busy work here in college, but I'm still trying to incorporate work and play.

So in my Marketing Class, there is a project that lasts for the whole semester where we choose a product/project/site/service/whatever and report about its info, trends, etc, that are relatable to what we learn in class. Sooo I chose Newgrounds as a site that I'm basically doing market research on. Now granted, this is just an intro course, I know nothing about marketing, I thought it would not be interesting at all, and once again I don't know squat about marketing, but as a month rolled on by this semester I gotta say I found it pretty, PREETTY interesting.

In my project I am a "representative" of Newgrounds and going against two other "representatives" in my class, Youtube and Vimeo. It's kinda like a battle royale against why the site we represent is more beneficial for the consumer. The consumer in this case is the teacher who is representing different types of consumers such as a small gaming studio/artists/programmers/etc.

This is one of the few school assignments that I have been having quite a bit of fun doing because its neat seeing the correlation of all the marketing readings/definitions/assignments to Newgrounds and using these correlations to strengthen my case against "YouTube" and "Vimeo". I have to admit, making a case against Youtube is gonna be haaard but I got this.

I gotta say haha thanks to Mike, using Swivel in my paper and presentation is really going to help me give a leg up against my representative competitors.

I'm hoping that after this semester I'll be able to show what I've written and my presentation for my case for Newgrounds and why it really is "everything by everyone".

Sides that....how you doin'?

Posted by digsBot - December 28th, 2012

Hey there Newgrounds!

Made a super late Xmas toon. With awesome voicework by RicePirate and Gust198! Music by good ol SteamPianist.

It was a little rushed cause of finals :/... Apologies for the sound in it..the flash file sorta imploded on itself and continued to crash repeatedly. 'Twas super lame. That's what I get for Flash CS6. I'm always going stick with ol' reliable Flash 8/CS3 from now on.


Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Sluuush Delivery Toon

Posted by digsBot - October 7th, 2012

I thought this was pretty neat. This was on Toonami last night while I was working on shiz for my job.
It's awesome how so many NG VoiceActors were in this game and Toonami reviewed it and gave it a nice little bump.
Thought it'd be nice to share in case people haven't seen it :)

Posted by digsBot - September 8th, 2012

I feel like a kid opening presents on Christmas : D
This place is unreal. I've been here since I was 9 years old playing flash games.

Thank you Newgrounds for the award and frontpage. I couldn't have done Kidd's Big Day at all without help of the amazing musician SteamPianist, JamesStarruner voicing as Kidd, ClassicSnap as Dorris, andTShirt4 helping me writing the story and voicing the remaining characters.
TS4 and I actually had this idea while randomly playing Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing.

I love throwing in little cameos and stuff in cartoons, but i guess I kinda went overboard in Kidd's Big Day. Can you spot all the references ;)?

Special Thank you to Kadoyuu, Gust198 ,DuDul, and Coughing-Dog for beta testing and suggesting things and providing input while working on it.

Freakin love this place.
Hehe, now I can finally focus my attention to all my homework and college shiz I have to do now.

Alex Kidd Toon

Posted by digsBot - August 11th, 2012

sups newgrounds,

Just wanted to give a little status update I guess.
School is gonna rear its ugly head on me pretty soon which kinda sucks, so before heading back I have been working on an animation I wanna release. Cause during school times I know I really wont have as much time as I would like to work on it/even be close to finishing it....here's a little screen cap of it so far. hope you guys will dig it once its done.


Posted by digsBot - June 8th, 2012

Yo NG,

I just recently submitted a flash toon for the NATA Novice Round.
It was pretty late and rushed over the last eleven days, so it didn't really turn out how I wanted it to be.
But if ya got a second check it out. : )


Another Nata Toon

Posted by digsBot - May 16th, 2012



Posted by digsBot - May 11th, 2012

Yo NG,

You guys are probably annoyed of all the NATA posts, but I also submitted an animation for the contest. It was quite fun and a little hard doing while finishing up finals at college, but screw it. Went in and tried to do it as quickly as possible.
If ya have a moment check it out.


Also, There is a new animated show out called MotorCity.
I watched an episode during the craziness of finals and I must say It's pretty rad.
The animation is fantastic and it's done by Titmouse Inc. They are one of my favorite animation groups out there. They have done a lot of little things in the world of TV, entertainment, and animation but this show is all them and its faaaantastic.

Nata Toon