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Posted by digsBot - April 4th, 2016

Suppity Sups! 

Man, it has been quite some time since I've made a post.; over a year ago. I plan on changing that! 

I uploaded an animation I made during my senior year in college, somewhat my unofficial senior animated film. I completed it about 1.5 years ago and saw it sitting while cleaning up a bunch of old files. I got the okay from the music group to share it around since it was sorta shelved. 

Since my last post so many things have happened life-wise ha. I graduated college in May 2015, it'll be almost a full year since I've left. I currently have a full time job in addition to doing animation stuff in the spare time online for some Youtube Channels. I've met so many great people from here through memorable trips such as PAX, MagFest, PicoDay, and C2E2. It's been a blessing! Right now the biggest thing I'm working on is pretty much just time management, especially with work it is extremely important and I value it more than ever. It's pretty crazy how important it is not only for completion of work projects, but also to be able to vist and spend time with family, friends and loved ones! 

Some solo toons stuff I'm working on, I hate to say things before they are close to completion but I have things already set in motion and planned that I'm confident to say they will be up here on Newgrounds this year. TShirt4 and I were talking again and have completed a script for a sequel to Kidd's Big Day. I thought it'd be neat, doing a sequel and personally seeing the progress for a cartoon I submitted here over 3 years ago. 

I'm also working on a music podcast, which I'll be specifically be posting the Audio Portal. At the moment, its a hodgepodge mix of sounds I primarily hear from the Audio Portal as well as stuff I've heard online. I'm hoping it can be a great way to really shine light on such amazing musical talent here on NG. It's be quite a unique venture, how I envision it is pretty different from most music podcasts I know but I hope you'll like it! My goal from this is I hope to learn how to create and produce better mixes as I continue making episodes. At the moment, I'm working on a Pilot series, 3 podcast episodes. I've completed two mixes already, but Im even thinking of editing them again. I'm excited to share them and value what people will think about it. 

Anyways, that's about it from me. How are you fine people up to? Right now I'm finishing up a work project and heading to Toronto this weekend, but very very briefly.  Anyone heading to Pax East? I'll be there!! 

Much Love, 




Posted by digsBot - January 19th, 2015

Yo Newgrounds! 

Just cranked out a solo short winter toon, Frost & Mistle, before I start a plethora of other projects which will probably eat a lot of my time as usual. Either way, I hope you dig it! Thanks to my dude @Ockeroid for the music and all of my pals and gals who viewed it while I was working on it. I always appreciate it.

See you guys at MagFest! B) 

*** Thank you for the Front Page!!! Always love on Newgrounds.


Posted by digsBot - January 3rd, 2015

Sup Newgrounds! 

Man, it's been a while haha my last post was right near the end of last summer. I noticed I haven't uploaded any personal solo toons at all last year. 2014 was the year I pretty much made animations and art mostly for clients/work.

If anyone is interested here are all the toons I've made last year that I either animated or helped out on. I have to say I really did enjoy doing this. It  helped me learn how to actually time manage and work smarter and not harder. Even after my Fall 2014 semester I was able to crank all of these out and mangaged to make the Dean's List at my college. They say ladies like the brains I hear, so I was aiming for that. 


2014 Toons 

Frederator Robot Animated!

The Kelpie

The Last of Us

Doctor Whooptydoo

HipHop RPG Episode 2

Taste So Good Music Video (Release date TBA) 

Symbiosis Health

Elephant Toon (Release date TBA)

LORE: Sunset Overdrive

LORE: Assassin's Creed Unity

LORE: Phantasy Star Online

LORE: Crash Bandicoot Dev

2014 College Work

For an undisclosed project I was a Creative Director and led a team of graphic designers to create a product. It was interesting, but I also learned the hard truth to not be a pushover, the importance of structure, deadlines, and how business to business contracts must be acknowledged and followed.

I also help designed and managed a small website for a Physical Therapy Office.


So yeah thaaat's pretty much everything I did in 2014. 2014 was rad, I learned a lot from the numerous projects. I went to California and chilled with @Jaxxy, @Tomar, and @Toonhole. I was able to attend Pico Day and met countless people who were all dope! 

With 2015 rolling in...

I graduate in May...which is quite prodigious. 

I'm working on two big projects which I can't really talk about until after it's all done, but if it goes well it'll be a very uncanny experience I can't wait to share.

A bit of freelance work here and there.

Super, super stoked to be heading to MagFest, gonna be meeting some old faces and finally some new ones after talking with them for so many years online. It'll be rad!! Anyone else going?

And I'm currently working on my own winter toon that I'll be uploading here on Newgrounds hopefully before I head to MagFest. 

So, as usual NG what's up with all of you guys and gals? 

Here's a shot from the winter toon! It's pretty short, it's titled Frost & Mistle.



Posted by digsBot - August 20th, 2014

What up Newgrounds! 

Well haha I feel like a jerk cause I promised some toons this summer, but as usual life/school intervened once again. The music video I have aforementioned so much in previous post(s) is practically done, only have 2 scenes left to animate and I wanna say will be shown in Sept (or whenever the music group decides to post it). I have also written out two short cartoon ideas that I'm planning to release in the fall *fingers crossed*.

To explain my inactivity due to not uploading stuff is that I had an internship which ate up quite a bit of my summer. It was a requirement for my major in order for graduate. As taxing as it was...the reward was quite great. I was offered a full-time position as a creative director. I can't really talk more about it yet, but it is in the digital healthcare field. It's super exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. No worries though! Definitely doesn't mean I won't have time for Newgrounds. I'll definitely be on more...maybe borrowing/hiring some talent here for projects/campaigns/etc in the future! Who knows hehe. This whole venturing into the adult world has really made me assess life and actually forces me to plan to get things done. Like cartoons I keep promising haha.

Senior year of college starts next monday...it's absurdly bittersweet. Gonna end this final year with a bang! 

How's it goin' for you folks?


Posted by digsBot - May 4th, 2014

Yo Yo Newgrounds! 

I know there have been a lot of posts about Pico Day over at the office and there is a reason for so much talk about it. It was beyond dope. It was truly a great time and experience meeting old and new faces and just being in such a creative environment. It was truly a great privilege to be a a part of it. 

If anyone is able to, you guys and gals should definitely participate in NATA. I promise it's worth a go! Possibly one of the most worthwhile online animation competitions. With some awesome judges too might I add!

I'm very excited for this summer, cause once this week of finals is over I'll finally have time to crank out a bunch of toons. The first is this music video i've been working forever on. Although it's been so long, I'm quite excited to share it. It is super close to completion. I'm also working on a student animated film for a local film festival which I sorta have to complete by early June. After those, I have a Batman toon, a few original shorts, and short cartoon loosely based on a college party my friend and I experienced. 

Love all you dope dudes and dudettes.

Got any plans for the incoming summer?


Posted by digsBot - April 14th, 2014

What up Newgrounds. 

Just realized that this is my first post of 2014 and I blame it entirely on school which I have a little less than a month left of then summer. Besides that lame stuff, this year has been pretty productive. I've been helping out in a bunch of cartoons and working on some animations for my internship.

Here are some toons here on NG I helped out you guys should check out! Working on these cartoons have seriously been so much fun and I feel I have leveled up. The collaborative drive is always something I love to be a part of. 

DuDul's "The Last of Shivs

Captainmcross' "The Kelpie"

Francis' "Doctor Whooptydoo" (just added)

I'm also a part of the Channel Frederator Network over on YT and helped with another animator collab and created a part for it.  "Frederator Robot Collab"


For my internship, I basically make some cartoons about healthcare/patient education, also help out with creating media content for small local non-profit health organizations. I basically spend most of my time doing work for that and balancing school, but bleh that's life.

Once school is out I'll be back to completing a music video for Haha-Yo, a great music group, and I plan on releasing way more cartoons. I'm super excited about it. 

How are you all doing? 




Posted by digsBot - December 4th, 2013

(*bleh, this was a FP post but it didn't shows :<  Aw, well)

'Ello there Newgrounds. 

I love the updates!! The video embedding is really nice and the rich text editor! Kudos to Tom and the staff! I just wanted to give a low down on things I guess. 

Lots o things have happened ever since school started in August.  I've really been buried in a lot of animation/marketing projects while balancing the school life. Pretty pumped for myself cause I've been maintaining and boosting my grades pretty well....at the cost of very minimal sleep. I've made it a goal of mine to graduate college with magna cum laude honors. 


-Music Video

  • Haha-Yo's "Taste So Good" Music Video- I mentioned this before, but I am working on a music video for a group called Haha-Yo. They are starting to get really popular and they reached out to me to create an animated music video for them. I am really excited and nervous about the project because they have given me almost full responsibility and creative control. I have been, I guess, "training" myself doing very short loops, fake animated bumps, illustrating in Photoshop, constantly listening to music, mile runs, and watching a ton of Steven Universe to get my creative muscles stronger. I will say doing short 15-30 minute animation practice loops, listening to music, drawing a days, and studying whatever are your "favorite" cartoons really do help to get you leveled up. All you need is the drive to constantly get better! 

-Marketing/Creative Director

  • Untitled App- I've been asked by help create some animated commercials and informative videos for an app that will be used at my university and small businesses around the university really soon. I can't give the name of it and what it does, but I'm very excitied cause I've been invitied on the team to be the creative designer and digital marketer...so yee..
  • Squared Apparel - I know I mentioned this before, but I am also helping out creating a short animated music ad for a clothing/design company and doing a bit of digital marketing for them.
  • Newgrounds Audio Project - So, I'm working on a thing with the goal of shedding more light on the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I've done a bit of talking with Tom. If anyone knows me, I'm all about music and there are so many great musicians on this site which definitely deserve some recognition. I don't want to give a lot a way, but reaaaaally soon you guys will see it and hopefully it can be something that can be continued by other members on NG.


  • Boundless - So I made a Halloween cartoon which I made in exactly three weeks. I teamed up with my audio guru and good friend SteamPianist. He constantly makes amazing music and an artist that is uncanny. He's like a brother to me, definitely check out his stuff! This cartoon was more or less of a test for me before really tackling the music video for Haha-Yo. It's the first cartoon I made with my Cintiq and I was playing a lot with colors, backgrounds, and seeing how fast I could make a short cartoon while having a typical school schedule. Boundless received a lot of kind words and it really means a lot to a dumb kid like me haha. Thanks a lot for that! 
  • Pegassus - I got to help out with El-Cid's cartoon called Pegassus. It was my first time working on a cartoon doing inbetween work and coloring. It was awesome working along side El-Cid, Ethan Always. and two other dudes which I'm not really sure at the moment if they are on NG. Definitely check out that cartoon!! 
  • Sonic Paradox Animation Project- Not sure if I can really talk about this yet...but I'm creating an animation that should be released on here within a month or so. 
  • Through Time and Shape - I am hoping to finish a short animation film that I plan to submit to a local film festival next summer. It's got a bunch of coolio NG friends of mine, (Gust, RicePirate, Apatheria, Ockeroid, Sabtastic) on it offering their awesome skills. I'll defintiely let ya know if it hopefully gets accepted to the festival.

Frederator Network

  • I've partnered up with Channel Frederator Network over on YouTube, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving Newgrounds. Without Newgrounds, I definitely wouldn't be able to have the opportunities and privileges I have now. I am very excited about the Network, but I will still be uploading cartoons here for suures. 



  • I have to find an internship for my major( which isn't animation or graphic design, but more of health finance-ish,IT, & marketing) and it hasn't been too great. It's a bit difficult and getting rejected isn't always the best of feelings, but I'm still determined to secure find one. 


Yeeaup...sorry it's a lengthy read, but yeah that's basically what I'm up too. I was planning before all of this to release sequels to A Thief's Tale and Slush Delivery but I gotta tackle all of these other stuffs. 


Anyways, how are you guys doiiin'? 


Posted by digsBot - October 10th, 2013

How's it goin' Newgrounds?

Just wanted to mention two quick things to ya I guess.
SteamPianistand I are working hard and quickly on a short Halloween cartoon titled Boundless. I hope to release it here on October 29th. It's my last solo flash I am able to squeeze out (probably for this year), since I am devoting all my time to other projects I've been asked to do.

Also! I am heading to Youmacon (I'll be there Nov 1st-Nov 3rd) with Sonic Paradox They made this little number. It'll be my first convention and I am pretty stoked to meet them and other people I might run into. If anyone is attending from NG I'd love to chat with ya.

Boundless WIP + Youmacon

Posted by digsBot - August 6th, 2013

Sup Newgroounds,

This summer has been pretty awesome yet disheartening.
Disheartening because I haven't been able to work on my student animated film I was planning to submit to a film festival then on Newgrounds technically by around this time. Which was loaded with awesome help from my super rad Newgrounds buddies--RicePirate, Apatheria, Ockeroid, Gust198, and Sabstastic!

However, it has been awesome because I had some amazing opportunities to work on projects for other groups/companies which has really helped me become more disciplined and organize my time like I never would have before on personal stuff. I made a LORE video, contributed to a collab that'll be released here on NG soon, teamed up with Francis and Brewster to help with a segment for the Newgrounds Documentary and finally I was extremely lucky to be directing/animating a music video for a music group called Haha-Yo. They are a really cool, goofy, and chilled back group of musicians who I have been following for a longo time. It feels kinda surreal working for people, especially musicians, you followed and dig for as long as one can remember. Anyways the music track I'm animating is called "Taste So Good" from their EP entitled "Hey"so prepare to see that soon. I'm pouring my soul into this music video, trying to make it super pleasing and have loads of replay value. Idk, haha I'm super nervous cause I've never really been asked to do something like this. Also after that I am working on another promo video for a new/upcoming clothing apparel line called Squared Apparelwhich will probably be completed and ready by 2014.

After all of this work, I'm plan to get back and finishing the student film and finish other short animations I plan to upload here on good ol Newgrounds.

Haha, allllso I have been writing a series and currently working on a pilot episode that (I hope) will give more light to the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I don't want to give to much away, but I think so far what I have devised will be somewhat
good and if it works out the NG community members could easily hop on board to add to it making it something that really is everything by everyone.

Annnnnnd that's all I got. What've you guys been up too?
Love you guise.


Posted by digsBot - April 27th, 2013

Happy Pico Day Newgrounds!

Sucks to not be able to be at the NG Office, but I made a Newgrounds TV Bump for the Newgrounds Commercial Contest.
Huge thanks to Headphoamz and RicePirate for lending their voice acting skills at the last moment. You two are the bestest.

Hope you like it!

NG TV Bump Cartoon